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It is not a one size fits all approach

Nutritional Therapy is an integrated healing approach which considers each case individually.

Diet, lifestyle, your emotional history and physical stress will all contribute to your unique health story.

During your Nutritional Therapy consultation I will be considering all of the following areas of your health:







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Nutritional therapy is all about communication, education, collaboration & commitment. And Not every nutritionist is the right practitioner for every client. 

So it doesn’t really matter how many years of experience I have had, or how many lectures I have given, or books I have written – If I am not able to hear your story in the way you need me to,  or if you are RESISTANT to my style of teaching, then we will not be a good fit. 

just as I am committed to giving you 100% of my attention when with you.  I like to work those clients who are 100% committed to their own health.



The First Appointment

The Process:

You will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire providing your full case history prior to the session. 

This is submitted at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, for me to read in advance of the first appointment. 

Please bring any medication & supplements that you are currently taking, or have been taking recently. 


An invitation to a zoom meeting will be sent to your email, a few minutes before your appointment.

Chargeable time

All first appointments will last for one hour, with follow-ups often being less than an hour.

After the initial consultation, Antony’s professional time is charged for pro-rata. Although an hour may be scheduled for your call, you will not be charged for the time that you do not spend on the call.  Emails and email replies are charged pro-rata.


One man’s food is another man’s poison. Therefore, food is only good & healthy when individualised, and appropriate to the current health status and metabolic type. Antony is one of two metabolic balance teachers in the UK.


Antony’s sports science degree reflects his keen interest in physical fitness; specifically, building muscle tissue & reversing metabolic diseases.  Antony will identify your optimal exercise & lifestyle choices.  


Nutrient Therapy means that we deliver nutrients to struggling organs and systems at a therapeutic dose.  It is not possible to achieve a therapeutic value of nutrients from food alone, even when eating 100% organic food


Antony uses muscle testing + clinical experience when selecting supplements for your health. This method provides a dialogue between practitioner and the ‘body’, which has advantages over clinical testing & questionnaires. 


Your initial consultation fee is £260, and this is the rate per hour for all of Antony’s time. On 1st January each year the fee increases a little, but all existing clients will be charged at the previous year’s rate. 

Information for Clients about appointments with Antony Haynes

Appointments last for one hour.

The completed questionnaires and other health information, plus any medical letters and test results, will have been read in advance of the first appointment. This saves so much time and prepares me and really supports the ability to make the most of the first appointment.

The structure of the appointment is as follows. Firstly, your specific health goals will be established, and written down. Then I give you feedback on the questionnaires and the other health information you have provided me with.

Next, I ask you to share with me the major health concerns you have, where they started in time and to lead me through a time-line (which is already been provided by the bullet point health history) so that I have as clear a picture of your health situation as possible.

When there is no other information to share, I identify the key targets for therapeutic intervention which need to be addressed in order to most effectively achieve your health goals. For example, this may be to balance your blood glucose, or to balance your neurotransmitters or to support your liver detox pathways. For most clients there are one to three targets that warrant this focus. 

At this time in the consultation I discuss the nature of the changes that are needing to be made in order to achieve this therapeutic intervention, such as eating this food, avoid that food (& explaining why) and identifying whether food concentrates (supplement) will be required and what they are.



There are many functional lab tests to consider for every client, and there is a very real possibility that one can spend a lot of money and not find what one is looking for, and at the same time spend many months taking lots of supplements and changing one’s diet all to little or no avail. The detail of the case-history taking and the zoom meeting with the client should give a clear picture of what is needed, therefore using clinical experience alongside my technical biochemistry & nutritional knowledge (28 years’ worth) as the basis for decision making. For this reason, I am very discerning when it comes to recommending lab tests. However, there is no doubt that certain tests can be very helpful where appropriate.

All lab tests need interpretation and to be folded into your case history. This will often require a 15 minute+ zoom appointment.

Lab tests are organised through independent labs and payment is made directly to the lab itself.

Follow Up Appointments

The Follow Up appointment is typically 4 to 6 weeks after the first one, and is arranged at the end of the first appointment or shortly afterwards. If there are tests done in the meantime then we may have spoken on the phone / zoom about the results, or we may need to meet to discuss the results, it depends.

The purpose of the follow up is to identify how successful your nutritional programme  has been at addressing the key therapeutic targets and consequently on your health goals. It is also to then identify what changes are needed for the next phase of your programme.

It is extremely rare for every recommendation of the first phase to remain the same. Restoring the body to good health is a dynamic process and is not a static thing which requires the same programme from one month to the next (or few months to the next).

Create new health OPPORTUNITIES by making new culinary decisions 

True Nutritional Therapy is all about expanding your palette, rather than eating the same old ingredients each day, sometimes 3 x daily 

The Western Diet tends to be a reductionist way of eating, largely responsible for widespread Nutritional deprivation, and lack of nutrient-dense foods.  Nutritional Therapy is all about broadening your horizons, diversifying your food palette and at the same time, diversifying your gut ecology.


Service Packages

How Do I Know nutritional therapy Is Right for Me?

The two simplest ways to get to know this are the number of affirmative answers you write down in the two detailed questionnaires, or if you choose to have a free non-obligation short conversation with Antony about how relevant he feels Nutritional Therapy is for you, based on summary case history information.

Other than that, it is very likely that improved nutritional status would NOT improve your health, but it is a question of whether this is a high value process for you at this time.

Is Nutritional Therapy expensive?

Appointments cost £260 per hour, but it entirely depends on the value you obtain from those appointments and implementation of the advice provided to you as to whether this proves to be expensive or very good value.

Ill or less than ideal health can so often be incredibly costly in more than just monetary terms. It is often the case that the money spent on improving health or resolving health challenges cannot be translated into pounds and pence. How much would you pay to resolve chronic gut pain or migraines or psoriasis, for example?

How soon will I experience results when working with Nutritional Therapy?

Everyone varies in their response to nutritional therapy, and it is not always the severity or chronicity of the condition that determines the speed of response, although those factors are typically going to determine the ultimate time is takes to achieve notable improvements in health. There are no guarantees, and again it does depend on the nature of your health condition, but it is the intention to make a noticeable difference in your health within the first month. This can then serve as an indicator of the trajectory in which your health is heading, which provides confidence in the process.

Will I need to follow the diet indefinitely?

Clearly, if a certain way of eating leads to health improvements, it is going to be logical to maintain it. However, in time, it is often very possible to re-introduce foods that previously elicited a negative response. This is referred to as the reintroduction phase to an elimination diet, and this is achieved by healing the underlying causes of adverse food reactivity, also known as food sensitivity.

Will I need to take supplementation?

It is very likely that you will be recommended to take specific and targeted nutritional supplements to help to achieve the health goals. The reason for this is the function that concentrated nutrients can achieve over and above that which even the most optimal diet can achieve, hence the word therapeutic.

Antony is familiar with over 600 supplements, and has been teaching this to practitioners for over 25 years, and he is very well versed in their therapeutic function in clinical practice. His aim is to recommend the fewest supplements possible to achieve the heal goals, and then, in time, to reduce the schedule as progress is made.

Are supplements expensive?

Supplements vary tremendously in cost, but can cost tens of pounds. Antony has found that in most cases doing enough to make a difference in health proves to be an economic approach compared to a self-administered and or minimal programme which could be taken for years without achieving the health improvements. Once health has improved, then the supplements are reduced, which is always the goal.

Is Nutritional Therapy appropriate for patients on medication?

This is highly likely to be the case, not least because the vast majority of long-term medications interfere with or diminish nutritional status. In addition, medication almost universally suppresses symptoms and does not address the underlying causes of any condition. Nutritional therapy aims to address the underlying issues of any health condition and therefore provides a robust foundation for health, providing crucial support for those on chronic medication.

I have tried every diet going, and nothing seems to work for me – what makes your service any different?

I will listen to what you have tried and what has not worked and importantly I will explain to you what is going on within your body, and then make specific nutritional recommendations. I will draw on my extensive clinical experience, review of the scientific literature and the evidence of your case history, and if necessary, recommend specific functional medicine lab tests to gain more insight into what to address.

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