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Antony has worked with 1000's women, helping them to recover from thyroid hormone imbalance without medication. 

When hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used, typically we have 5 years, before cancer shows up. Don't let that be you! 

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6 modules

Each module focuses on specific thyroid challenges, inhibitions and action steps that you can take.  Once you have completed this course you will know more than your GP, guaranteed.


Work with Antony

Sometimes we can know stuff, but working on our own is just too challenging.  Often it takes clinician's eye and years of experience to spot the specific changes needing to be made.

3 x reasons why you should consider taking this course

These 3 reasons are simple. Your thyroid hormones are one of the most important when it comes to ageing; the active thyroid hormone (FT3) is the most impactful metabolic hormone involved in energy within the body; thyroid hormones directly and indirectly support mood and sense of well-being. Reason enough!




3 reasons why you need this course


The later you leave it to rectify your thyroid imbalance, the greater impact upon your entire hormonal system.  Sub-clinical hypothyroidism directly impacts your adrenals & female hormones. Deal with it now, or your health may never be the same again.


Thyroid hormones impact EVERY level of your health.  Therefore your thyroid imbalance should never be considered in isolation. Weight gain, mood, skin, hair, and energy issues can all be attributed to thyroid imbalances.


Investment in your health is an investment in life itself.  Every penny spent is returned to you 1000-fold.  Health and energy are passports to freedom and life itself.  This is especially true for thyroid hormones, because of how they affect your mood, thinking processes and energy.

Client testimonial

“As a practitioner, it was such a useful revision and I got to learn many new things about how sub- clinical hypothyroidism affects our health, and what to do about it. It’ll serve me well in my own practice.”  

Client testimonial

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Learning on your own terms

Engage in each Haynes Health Manual at your own pace, in line with your life circumstances in the quiet of your own home.  

Health Destiny

What's truly possible

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You wouldn't believe just how common ...

Sub-clinical Hypothyroidism

sub-clinical hypothyroidism actually is. Furthermore ... 

BLood Tests

Blood tests can never tell you everything, giving a false sense of normality and confidence.


Learn EXACTLY why you've got the symptoms you're living with, and think are normal.


Learn what your thyroid hormones need to repair and function optimally.

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